Cheer (Winter)


By Scot Shearer | Mar. 9, 2023 4:29 PM

CHEER - DEWITT, Emily Senior Survey GRAPHIC.png

LAKEVILLE, IN. – As the winter athletic season slows down, we continue to take some time to hear from members of the senior class participating in winter activities. We continue our look with Emily DeWitt. Emily is a member of our winter cheer team. She says that one thing she will miss most about being a Lancer after she graduates will be, “. . . . winning football games.” Let’s meet Emily DeWitt . . . GETTING TO KNOW EMILY DEWITT . . . Favorite Takeout or Delivery Place? * Chick-fil-A Favorite Ice Cream Flavor? * Strawberry Favorite Kind Of Cookie (Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, etc)? * Chocolate chip Favorite Thing About Christmas? * Christmas lights Favorite Teacher? * Mr. Hill Favorite TV Show? * Fruits basket Favorite Sport To Watch? * Basketball Favorite Animated Movie? * Tangled Who has influenced you the most to this point in your life and how? * My mom. She always supports my decision What is your proudest accomplishment or moment at LaVille (any achievement, award, club, sport, your choice)? * Joining Cheer When I have free time, I like to . . . * Sleep If you could only drive for two hours, where would you go and why? * Chicago for The Haidila Hot Pot Restaurant What is your favorite book? * Divergent Who taught you to drive? * My Grandma

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