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By Scot Shearer | Nov 16, 2022 11:33 AM

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As we prepare for the winter season and potential weather delays or closures, here is information about the difference between virtual and e-learning days. ONLINE LEARNING INFORMATION E-Learning Day *Asynchronous learning will occur (no live Google Meets) with lesson and assignments being posted in Canvas/Seesaw/Google Classroom by 10 a.m. *Teachers are available via email. *Format follows existing guidelines from previous years. *Only three are allowed per school year as directed by the IDOE. *All work must be submitted 3 days after the final e-learning day by 3 p.m. on the third day. *Student attendance will be taken daily. Virtual Learning Day *Live, synchronous learning with teachers will promptly begin at 10 a.m. *Daily schedules will be provided by grade level teachers. *All links and assignments will be posted in Canvas/Seesaw/Google Classroom per teacher. *Instructions and assignments will be disseminated by each teacher via Google Meet. *All Google Meets will be recorded and posted in Canvas/Seesaw/Google Classroom, to be reviewed later as needed. Recorded video lessons may also be posted too. *All work must be submitted 3 days after the final e-learning day by 3 p.m. on the third day. *Student attendance will be taken daily. Why The Change In E-Learning Days? Due to a new law, Indiana House Bill 1093, public schools have been limited to the number of eLearning days they can institute per year. Three days per school year is the new limit. If a public school can provide 50 percent synchronous instruction to students, the school day will be counted towards the 180 required school days set by the state. To comply with this new law, Union-North United School Corporation will implement synchronous learning in both school buildings. What Is The Difference Between Asychronous And Synchronous Learning? *Asychronous (e-Learning) occurs when the students are provided with the flexibility to complete assignments at a self-paced measure. Teachers may prerecord lessons and upload all online materials that would be used during class. Assignments and lessons are a continuation of a normal school day. Synchronous (virtual) learning occurs when students can engage with the teacher and class at the same time via a live meeting time (Google Meet). Lessons and instructions are given during the live meeting session and assignments are dispersed based on the content and material discussed during their live meeting session.

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